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cgminer 4.9

New release: Version 4.9.1 — 3rd February 2015

Stable minor update release.

Human readable changelog:

— If a pool supports full stratum resume (currently only ckpool pools do), which means an interrupted stratum connection can resume and submit any shares worked on in the interim without losing work, a message will now be displayed when the reconnect negotiated a resume.
— If a dead pool was removed previously there was still a thread in the background trying to connect to it. This has been fixed.
— Avalon 4 updates to use less power.
— Fix an intermittent crash with the BFL SC 28nm devices.
— Fix support for BFL SC 65nm devices failing on last release.
— Fix the BET driver not being able to restart a new instance when the first fails.
— Basic FreeBSD compilation support.
— Other minor build changes and fixes for potential issues.

Full changelog:

— Fix various unused warnings
— Fix avalon4 warnings
— Display notice if pool successfully negotiates stratum resume
— Support auto adjust voltage individually
— Don’t keep retrying to connect to a pool that has been removed
— Null the actual pointer used to call discard and free_work and safely handle
being called with a null pointer, giving a verbose warning about the call site
— Fix off by one error when running out of queued IDs in bflsc28_queue_full
— Uninit BET driver when it fails to initialise any boards
— Fix detection of butterfly labs sc 65nm devices with the addition of the 28nm
device imanufacturers trumping their detection
— Remove compilation warnings. Cast overly-specific #def’d values to the
destination type, unsigned int.
— Basic ability to compile and run on FreeBSD 10.  Only tested compilation with
avalon, avalon2, bflsc, and icarus; only tested functionality of bflsc and

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